Helping Men and Women overcome Alcohol and Drug Misuse

Kenward Trust founded in 1968 is a registered charity helps men and women overcome alcohol and drug misuse. More than 10,000 have been helped, with 190-200 on an annual basis, by delivering residential rehabilitation projects, and community and youth programmes across Kent, Medway and East Sussex.

Set in fifteen acres of stunning Kent countryside, Kenward Trust provides a safe space for its residents, in many cases far from the setting of their addictions. Their skilled workforce are committed to ensuring that those most vulnerable in today’s society leave their services with the knowledge and skill set to be able to safely re-integrate into the community with a much lower risk of relapsing.

At Kenward Trust we have a variety of projects dedicated to helping those affected by drugs and alcohol. Our main residential rehabilitation project, Kenward Therapeutic Community, retains many aspects of the Recovery Model of treatment delivery. Kenward Trust Therapeutic Community is a residential drug and alcohol recovery project offering a supported residential environment for men and women. We deliver a therapeutic programme incorporating recovery focussed group work, counselling/art psychotherapy, social enterprise and education sessions.

Alongside our structured group programme, we also offer a wide range of activities with both therapeutic and skills based training in our Gardens and Workshops, which will allow our residents to take evidence of recognised training skills with them into the workplace. At Kenward we believe that building the confidence of our residents back up is vital in order to ensure a sustained recovery, whether this be through the rehabilitation programme itself, or through us providing education to our residents at the skill level relevant to them.

We have reviewed the traditional 12 or 24 week blocks of treatment and can now offer bespoke client centred programmes of between 4 and 24 weeks, dependant on the individual needs of the client. Whilst we do receive residents from the community with statutory funding, we do also take self-funded clients at Kenward. These blocks of treatment mean that those who cannot achieve funding from the community, may still be able to come use and benefit from our services for a time frame that works for them.

Following on from our residential rehabilitation project, we have Move On houses in various locations across Kent and East Sussex. Our Move On houses provide supported, substance free accommodation within the community for those that have completed a recovery programme. Residents live independently at the Move On houses but continue to be supported by us through weekly meetings with their project manager. We find that residents benefit from continuing to live amongst a group of peers, drawing strength and support from each other and reducing the dangers of isolation which ultimately help them to sustain recovery.

Our Kenward Lodge project provides further supported accommodation for those whose lack of accommodation is preventing them from accessing drug and alcohol services and hindering their recovery. This project is based on our Yalding site, with close proximity to local services and amenities alongside access to fellowship, SMART and Aspire meetings. We encourage volunteering within the local community so that their transition back into society is a more positive experience and they have transferable skills for when they get back into the workplace.

At Kenward we believe that reaching young people at the age when they start experimenting with drugs and alcohol is a vital step in preventing future addiction. Our Think Differently project set up in 2016 goes into schools to provide education, information and relevant interventions for young people so that they can create their own informed opinion on the risks of substances. We also work with local councils to provide advice and support for young people within the community alongside raising awareness of risks of substance misuse for themselves, their family and their friends.

The project team is highly skilled and experienced at supporting individuals through the delicate and challenging process of change, within a safe and supported environment.

Residents are encouraged to take responsibility for their own emotions and behaviours and, through group working positively and pragmatically address former addictive behaviours and lifestyles.

The residents participate in our Therapeutic Gardens & Workshops activities, which include woodwork, horticulture, animal management and cooking.

Treatments Provided

Recovery model programme based on the lines of a therapeutic community offering a variety of both group and individual evidence-based interventions for both men and women from 4 weeks, delivered by a skilled and qualified staff team.

Person-centered programmes 4 – 24 weeks.

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