Our team refer all new referrals on the same day. The rehab endeavour to assess and refer as quickly as possible, but placement often depends on vacancies within the desired rehab.

Each of the programs are different so the length of stay often depends on what the referral is for, on average the length of stay is between three and five weeks.

Before you leave the rehab, the team work with you to create an aftercare plan which fits around the individual circumstances.

We make sure you have the right contacts you need for community support, employer liaison (if needed) and mutual aid groups.

Traditional rehabs operate an abstinence-based approach, residents are expected to have completed a detox prior to starting any treatment programme.

Some rehabs offer an inpatient detoxification on site, while others do not.

Contact your local community substance misuse, drug/alcohol service social work team for more details on suitable detox options.

The funding usually comes from the local authority social services team or your local drug action team (DAT). (Unless you are paying for yourself)

Typically, the authority will agree funding for your rehab programme for a fixed period. The length of your stay can be reviewed and extended if agreed by all parties.

This will depend on the rehab you are attending. Most will allocate you a key worker who will work with you for your full stay and agree on a ‘Care Plan’ with you and this will be reviewed as you process through your stay.

A ‘Care Plan’ will look at your goals and consider your aftercare options. Each Rehab will have a set plan for each day with regular group work sessions and 1-2-1’s.

Contributions are not set by the rehab facility. Contributions differ depending on each clients circumstance and are sometimes means tested.

The contributions are calculated by the referring local authority and if deemed necessary the contribution will be discussed with you.

Medications are reviewed on an individual basis