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Alcohol is one of the most misused and abused substances worldwide. In terms of drug classification, alcohol is a depressant, this term is used to describe various different types of drugs but what does it mean?
A depressant drug is a drug that lowers and slows the signalling in our brains, essentially ‘depressing’ the central nervous system but not necessarily causing depression. The slowed signalling goes some way in explaining why we feel relaxed, our reactions are slower, our speech becomes slurred, we struggle to think and focus, and we can become unconscious.

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Cannabis is considered a recreational drug and is very widely used across the UK, with a rising popularity amongst teenagers, cannabis directly affects neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for sending messages, these neurotransmitters are influenced by the THC component of cannabis and have a direct effect on the users motivation levels, often the reason why cannabis users are labelled lazy.

Cocaine is a very potent stimulant, a class A drug in the UK and the most popular illicit substances worldwide. Cocaine stimulates the central nervous system and the messaging in the brain, making people feel more energized, more alert, and more awake, temporarily.

Powered cocaine alongside the free base, smokable version, crack cocaine, is a highly addictive substance mainly due to its reinforcing effects. Administration will determine how quickly cocaine reaches the brain, subsequently determining how intense the high is, how quickly it lasts and what the risks are.

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