The Bridges Hull is a residential rehabilitation centre based in Hull, providing full-time specialist drug and alcohol addiction services for women and men over the age of 18.

We’re experts in helping people to address and recover from addiction. Established in 2004 and run by The Forward Trust charity, we provide a safe, intimate, comfortable environment in which to turn your life around.

Our services include:

·         A treatment programme based on the proven and effective 12-step approach

·         A range of individual and group activities including therapy, counselling, meditation, study groups, and outdoor and social activities

·         A comfortable, private room for every client

·         Friendly, non-judgemental, professional support from people who understand addiction and recovery

Our evidence-based treatment programme is highly effective in supporting our clients into recovery.

Our treatment programme uses evidence-based interventions that are to be proven effective in treating addictions and promoting attitude and behaviour change, including

·         12-step model of recovery – first developed by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, the model is now widely seen as one of the most effective clinical interventions for addiction, as endorsed by Visible Recovery.

·         Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) elements – an approach that helps people learn how to change their own thoughts and behaviors in relation to addiction. This is combined alongside the Seeking Safety approach to support people with trauma, substance abuse, and/or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

·         Therapeutic Communities approach – supporting staff and clients to play an active role in running the treatment community. We encourage collective openness and sharing in order to maintain a supportive, therapeutic environment in which you can achieve your goals

The stages of treatment

Our dedicated team of professionals go beyond mere expertise in their fields; they are compassionate individuals who genuinely care about our clients’ wellbeing. Collaboratively, they design personalised treatment plans tailored to meet each client’s distinctive and individual needs.

The process for our treatment plan includes three key stages:

Stage one treatment is specifically geared towards addressing substance-use and associated behaviour.

Overview: This stage of treatment will support the clients to identify and address addictive thinking and behaviour, and replace them with recovery-focused attitudes and behaviours.

Session types: we deliver a balanced blend of individual counselling and group therapy sessions to help address some of the fundamental aspects of addiction. Through the combination of individual and group sessions we nurture a supportive and transformative environment; individuals gain the insights and skills necessary to succeed in their ongoing journey towards recovery.

Notes: In this stage clients are not permitted to leave the centre by themselves and will be accompanied by a staff member/volunteer at all times.


Stage two is dedicated to equipping the client for a successful transition into the community – free from the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
Overview:  This phase places a strong emphasis on aspects such as volunteering and education. At The Bridges, we have established local partnerships with a variety of organisations and charities that provide a wide array of activities and volunteering opportunities tailored to the needs and interests of our client, with treatment building on the work done in Stage one.

Sessions: Phase two of the treatment will proceed to involve clients in the therapeutic programme featuring one-on-one interventions, educational workshops, and step groups.

Notes: Clients in this stage are permitted to leave the centre unaccompanied, they continue to engage in daily treatment groups and are subject to a curfew.


Leaving treatment is the final key stepping stones of our work, preparing clients for their transition from rehabilitation into their new lives outside of it.

Overview: Clients will collaborate with our Resettlement Worker to create a comprehensive resettlement plan, ensuring they secure a suitable place to reside upon completing their treatment given that many of clients are from all parts of the country. For those clients choosing to remain in the Hull area after their treatment we also offer tenancy support via our Recovery Housing (based in Hull City centre). This initiative is available to those requiring housing during the initial four to six weeks of discharge, with tenancies conditional on maintaining abstinence alongside weekly meetings with a  Recovery Worker. Hull has various city-wide service user groups, forums, recovery cafés and events.

Discharge support – Since 2014, less than 20% of graduates from The Bridges have remained in Hull following treatment. The majority of those who chose to remain either originate from Hull and the surrounding areas, or have a strong local connection. To support our clients with their reintegration, we work closely with each client to create an emergency discharge plan in the event of early exit from treatment (for any reason) to ensure continuity of care and safety for the client and the local community.

Forward Connect – Our recovery community, Forward Connect, is a peer-led mutual aid community of like-minded people who are making good progress in their own journey – this could be people in addiction recovery, family recovery, moving away from crime, overcoming mental health problems, or who are coming out of a period of unemployment or homelessness. Forward Connect is an online in-person events/reunions and an off-shoot for people to connect and make lasting friendships.




It features a variety of single and shared rooms, with separate floors for male and female clients. Each of our rooms are comfortably furnished, some having ensuite facilities. Bedrooms are furnished with a bed and nightstand, desk and chair and has built-in storage for clothes. The building is monitored via a CCTV system for added peace of mind.

Communal areas

In our communal areas, we’ve catered for a range of interests so residents can relax and unwind while getting to know each other outside of the therapeutic sessions. We have a TV lounge, spacious dining room, and a dedicated quiet space for personal reflection. Activities that are freely available include a variety of board games, a pool table and a wide range of books.

The Bridges has also started offer additional wellbeing services including delivering yoga, mindfulness and meditation in our health and wellbeing suite.

A special part of residing at The Bridges is the communal kitchen and dining space where meals are enjoyed together. All meals are thoughtfully prepared in our dedicated kitchen space which is both spacious and equipped to support the needs of all residents.


Treatments Provided

12 Step (Minnesota Model)
Motivational Enhancement Therapy
Therapeutic Communities
Relationships Matter Workshop


Bed Capacity

Adult Rehab (18+) Mixed Gender: 19 Bedspaces
3 Double Male Occupancy Rooms
3 Double Female Occupancy Rooms
3 Single Male Occupancy Rooms
4 Single Female Occupancy Rooms

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