A residential therapeutic, mixed gender community offering a unique substance misuse recovery programme, supporting best recovery outcomes.

Shardale St.Annes is a family-owned company located at the beautiful, seaside town of Lytham St.Annes on the Fylde coast, Lancashire. As a committed and caring organisation, we endeavour to be an integral part of every individual’s journey away from drug or alcohol dependency towards personal freedom, responsible behaviours and individuality. At Shardale we believe that freedom from drug or alcohol dependency is achievable by all, regardless of age, gender, race, culture, religious belief or personal history.

We can offer flexible, personalised treatment programmes ranging from 3 months up to 12 months if required, with varying levels of intensity, based on the assessed needs of the individual. Shardale’s underpinning philosophy is to provide a therapeutic treatment model of recovery which promotes personal freedom based on the adoption of responsible behaviours and positive life-affirming choices.

As we are based near the town of St.Annes all local amenities such as doctors, dentists and leisure facilities are all easily accessible, with the local parks, town and beach close by for spending quality time with family during visiting times.

Treatments Provided

Shardale offers a personalised treatment programme, enabling clients to make informed treatment choices which best support their own individual recovery journeys. Shardale programmes are underpinned by ‘Choice theory’ which is a proven and effective system for attaining a more efficient and fulfilling way of living. The model could be described as a non-hierarchial, democratic therapeutic community where the staff consider themselves members, and part of, the daily process, not detached from how the community operates and functions. Every client has a person-centred care plan, based on individual needs, the development of which is the result of joint-working between the client and their staff keyworker.

Our programme consists of 7 core value’s which aim to support clients to make positive life choices and function more productively in all aspects of their everyday life. The core values are:

1. Realisation and understanding
2. Re-connection and communication
3. Processing and integration
4. Personal responsibility, ‘Choice Theory’
5. Building resilience and relapse prevention
6. Re-establishing order and practical everyday living support
7. Consolidation and psycho-educational input

To support people of their recovery journey, the Shardale programme provides the right environmental conditions for change: warmth, acceptance, trust, empathy, together with straight talking and, of course, humour when the situation dictates.

Bed Capacity

38 beds (mixed gender)

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