Community Based Alcohol and Drug Recovery

The Wirral Residential Service offers a drug and alcohol-free environment with structured support for people over the age of 18 who are looking to address their problematic drug and/or alcohol use.

All of our residential services are based around the Therapeutic Community approach to recovery, and have been successfully supporting people across the UK to achieve long-term recovery for more than 50 years.

The Wirral Residential Service is located in a large Edwardian house in the Wirral suburbs. The spacious service provides for 35 residents who are referred to as Community Members.

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced, with a passion for helping people to create brighter futures for themselves, their families and communities. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive service, committed to ensuring equality of access to treatment. Everyone is welcome to join our supportive Therapeutic Community, and our staff are culturally aware and sensitive to diverse needs.

Treatments Provided

  • Comprehensive treatment programme within a therapeutic community setting, providing a range of health and social care services to suit the needs of individual service users. It promotes change by developing self-worth and personal responsibility, challenging individual attitudes and behaviour and encouraging the development of life and social skills through engagement in daily work and activity routines.
  • Structured group work embraces Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods
  • One to one key working
  • Relaxation room for mindfulness and wellbeing activities
  • Detox regimes
  • ‘Work-as-Therapy’ departments include: co-ordination/house management, welcome house support, cleaning/laundry, house management, catering- dining room preparation and adaptions gardening.
  • Gender Groups
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • We use the accredited outcomes tool (outcomes star) to inform care planning
  • Dog kennels for anyone wanting to accommodate their dog while in treatment
  • Health & Wellbeing activities for example choir, recovery through nature, sporting activities and peer led social events e.g. bingo, karaoke, cinema
  • There is the opportunity to move into Phoenix supported accommodation after treatment, this is assessed individually

Bed Capacity

35 (male/female)

Q Can I receive visits from friends and family?

Q What is a Therapeutic Community?

The Therapeutic Community is designed to encourage the development of life and social skills through engagement in daily work and activity routines. Additionally, structured group work embraces cognitive behavioural therapy methods as well as including one-to-ones and behavioural role play therapy. The full programme further consists of life story work, peer support, complementary therapies, and a person-centred approach.

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Q Do you offer gender-specific support?

Q Can I smoke?

Q What should I bring with me?

Q Can I detox with Phoenix Futures?

Q What happens at the end of my programme?

Q Can I bring my dog?

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