Transforming Lives Through Residential Care

Birchwood @ Kaleidoscope House is an inpatient residential treatment centre providing a range of services for drug and alcohol users in need of in-patient care.

Birchwood is part of Kaleidoscope, a drug and alcohol charity that has been providing community and residential substance misuse treatment services across the UK since 1968. We offer tailor-made treatment packages for detoxification, stabilisation, and rehabilitation, providing both clinical and psychosocial interventions.

Our unit comprises of 25 single occupancy en suite bedrooms, Library, lounges, wellbeing room. We provide services for both men and women, including pregnant women and those with complex needs. The relocation of our existing Birchwood detox facility to Heswall in 2023 has opened up a host of opportunities to improve the range of benefits we provide to service users and society as a whole, including a full rehabilitation service.

Treatments Provided

Birchwood @ Kaleidoscope House offer clients improved physical and emotional health and wellbeing, and sustained recovery by:

· Intensively resolving physical dependence on drugs and alcohol

· Supporting recovery journeys

· Improving self-worth, value, confidence, and self esteem

· Improving access to learning and education

· Increasing the visibility of recovered peers

· Creating an aspiration for change through co-production and peer support

· Providing safe, sociable activities

· Placing an emphasis on self-directed recovery

· Facilitating three-way meetings with family and carers

· Offering advice and guidance to families and carers

· Including families and carers in post discharge plans


At Birchwood we believe that clinical delivery is only a small part of the solution to substance use and we work hard to deliver a well-balanced therapeutic programme in welcoming surroundings. We are proud of the fact that 87% of our clients achieve their goal. They are unique and Birchwood helps them stay that way.



There are 15 purpose-built detox rooms with 24- hour a day medically managed detox beds. Each room has an ensuite bathroom, flat screen TV, small double bed along with plenty of storage space and modern furnishings. We provide a comprehensive range of detox packages such as: • Alcohol • Opioid • Benzodiazepines • Psychoactive substances (Spice, Ketamine, M-Cat etc) • Neuro-inhibitors (Pregabalin, Gabapentin)

All detox packages are tailored specifically to the individual to provide a safe and effective detox from substances and Birchwood has an excellent track record and reputation for successfully supporting individuals through detox. We also deliver structured day groups and support sessions to provide the individual with coping strategies and techniques to better deal with living in society substance free.


Our 10-bed residential rehabilitation programme is based on a Therapeutic Community model which also incorporates Cognitive Behavioural Therapies and Social Learning. We have a very structured and robust timetable that provides each resident with a daily structure and routine that consists of work as therapy, 1:1 support session’s, group therapy, relaxation and mindfulness, community activities, and a wellness room with gym equipment. We also offer 1:1 counselling through our in-house counsellor and we have a mental health practitioner who will assess mental health if required.

Set in some beautiful grounds based in Heswall, Wirral, it provides residents the opportunity to relax and recover in peaceful surroundings. We have a multi-sports pitch that provides opportunity to engage in activities such as 5-a-side football, basketball, and rounders along with other activities and sports that are beneficial to health and wellbeing. The Centre is a short walk from the Wirral coastline and some beautiful beaches along and has close access to the Wirral walkway, enabling staff and residents to enjoy the outdoors.


Bed Capacity

25 beds (men and women)

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