Mixed Residential Addiction Treatment

Results & Outcomes

ANA is an independent Treatment Centre based in and around Portsmouth in Hampshire.  We are proud to offer progammes to our clients that yield some of the highest successful completion rates in UK for residential treatment for addiction.  Consistently, over the last five years and currently 85-92% of our clients complete the treatment programmes that they come in for.  This is down to retaining staff that are dedicated and care, excellent communications with clients and loved ones and carers and a robust, proven and trusted programme of therapy.  ANA runs Primary treatment from Fleming House in Farlington and Secondary treatment from Lyle House in Southsea. This configuration enables our clients to gradually experience life without drugs/alcohol in an everyday setting that is pro-actively managed to fully protect them at all times. ANA welcomes clients from all backgrounds and walks of life.  We also truly listen to clients and their loved ones and relatives when designing a treatment programme and helping the client progress it.

ANA was founded by Libby and Christopher Reid in 1998. Over the years, the organisation has grown to offer forty one beds, detoxification, primary and secondary treatment, after care, family and carers groups and training on all aspects of drug and alcohol treatment and service provision. We also offer move on supported housing, post treatment, for our clients for up to three years in our 23 bed Housing Service; ANA WORKS.

ANA offers four, six, eight, ten or twelve abstinence based primary treatment for reliance on drugs and alcohol. In addition, we offer individually tailored detoxification programmes. Our aim is to help our clients rebuild their lives, to gain in confidence and self-worth and to really believe that they can live a healthy, responsible and productive life, free of addictive substances.

Our Programme is modular, flexible and features increasing levels of choice and opportunities for personal development as clients progress through. We recognise that every client has different needs and will move individually through treatment and into recovery.  ANA facilitates recovery through support and respect, working in collaboration with our clients. Care planning, group work and one to one key worker sessions all feature, together with a life skills programme, men’s and women’s groups, alternative therapies and an optional secondary programme. Our programme combines a number of philosophies including Acceptance Commitment Therapy and the Twelve Step approach and is non-denominational in nature.

ANA offers a free collect by car service, auricular acupuncture, weekly exercise classes, courses in art therapy, digital photography and mindfulness.  Clients can make visits to places of interest and natural beauty in the local area with staff, including our beautiful seafront promenade, local islands and nature reserves.


ANA work predominantly with Drugs and alcohol but have provided gambling addiction treatment and worked with clients who have associated issues, including Eating Disorders, trauma, loss and anxiety.  We offer EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) proven effective treatment for trauma and PTSD,  CBT in the form of ACT (acceptance Commitment Therapy). Auricular Acupuncture, enabling beneficial changes in the brain to improve well-being. Mindfulness, Relaxation and guided meditations. Art Therapy, Basic computer skills and weekly fitness classes.

Gender specific

We have gender specific groups every other week.

Family support available

Family, carers and friends are invited to attend our family group which is held on a Sunday prior to visiting time. Each group session is psycho-educational to provide information relating to addiction and the impact on family, providing space for reflection, support and signposting. It is an eight week rolling programme covering topics such as – What is addiction?, Denial, Family issues for the chemically dependent, enabling v support. Speaker from Al-anon/Families Anonymous, The myths of addiction, Detaching with love and Understanding relapse. ANA believe that addiction is a family illness, so will encourage families to be part of the treatment by engaging in a family conference.

Treatments Provided

Abstinence based residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction (including prescription drugs) and associated disorders including Gambling, PTSD, and Eating Disorders.

Medically monitored Detoxification, primary, secondary and third stage treatment, family conferencing, family groups, life-long free aftercare, supported housing for up to three years.

Bed Capacity

  • Primary: 29 beds (15 male, 14 female)
  • Secondary (Community Living): 10 beds
  • Third Stage: 5 beds
  • ANA Works supported Housing: 23 beds (no charge if housing benefit eligible)
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