Helping Generations to Achieve A Life Worth Living

Acorn Recovery Projects is an innovative charity providing a range of recovery services which enable individuals and their families to break free from drug, alcohol and other addictions. We help to find not just immediate recovery, but emotional, social, lifelong recovery.

At Acorn, we always see the person behind the illness. Our success comes from our staff, 80% of whom, at all levels within the organisation, have been through recovery and can understand and empathise with others in similar situations.

We support people throughout their recovery journey in a compassionate way, focussing on the long term solution, even beyond treatment. We have a variety of housing options available to help you on your journey of moving towards fully independent living.

With Acorn, treatment is just the beginning. To see how we can help you, call us on  0161 484 0000.

Our vision – Through commitment, creativity and expertise, Acorn will inspire and motivate change within communities and future generations by enabling individuals to achieve a Life Worth Living.

Treatments Provided

We are committed to supporting people throughout their recovery journey in a compassionate way, focusing on long term solutions – even beyond treatment.

Our extensive range of recovery programmes helps clients to find not just substance recovery, but emotional, social, lifelong recovery.

Programmes we deliver include:

RAMP – The Reduction and Motivation Programme provides a safe environment for those in active addiction to explore their problems, the impact on them and others, and the life changes they need to make to achieve real, lifelong recovery.

Family RAMP – This programme helps the relatives of our customers to learn more about the issues their loved ones are dealing with, how to effectively support them, and to know they are not alone in the challenges they face.

Pre DEAP – The Pre Dependency, Emotional, Attachment Programme supports and prepares clients while undergoing detoxification, in readiness to engage in abstinence treatment on the DEAP programme.

DEAP – The Dependency, Emotional, Attachment Programme is available to those who have achieved abstinence (even if this is just a day) and are motivated to maintain long-term recovery. DEAP is delivered by qualified addiction counsellors and explores addiction at a personal level, supporting people to deal with unresolved issues.

STEP – This programme is based on a set of long established guiding principles which help individuals live their life in recovery. By completing Acorn’s programme, those who are committed to abstinence can learn how to develop a new set of skills, helping them to recover from addiction.

STAR – This is a structured, post-treatment programme which helps people in early recovery identify and gain a range of skills, which can help them to gain employment and regain their independence with confidence. STAR is delivered as part of our 20-week rehab programme (weeks 12-20) after DEAP or STEP.

New Leaf – New Leaf brings together partners as well as employers from across Warrington and Cheshire to change lives, create opportunities and make a positive contribution to local communities and the regional economy.

The project aims to motivate, inspire, energise, excite, engage and increase young people’s self belief so they can realise their potential, and discover and achieve their dreams, hopes and aspirations, including work, education and further training.

The New Leaf project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and European Social Fund.

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30 beds with 14 single rooms – Male and Female

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